Memecoin Lingo for Noobz

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5 min readFeb 21, 2022

Welcome to the world of memecoins!

You’ve journeyed far into the crypto universe to get here. You’ve likely braved sharks, seen whales play together, and even felt the earth rumble while bulls ran.

Now it’s time for the next phase of your journey.

You’re entering a world that’s fast paced and will sometimes make you feel overwhelmed or uncertain. But fear not. Challenges await you, but so do supportive online communities who want you and everyone to succeed.

There are a ton of resources to help you make strides on this journey. From blog posts like this, to Discord or Telegram chat groups — everything you need is available and ready for you.

If alpha you seek, with community you must speak

Like anyone on a journey, you won’t get anywhere without help from others. So being active in Discord or Telegram chat groups is crucial for acquiring memecoin alpha as well as meeting dope people.

The chat groups are full of crypto people who, in my experience, value working together in the best interest of everyone. People are ready to make friends and exchange alpha all with the belief of WAGMI, which stands for “We’re all gonna make it.”

Trolls do emerge from under their bridges sometimes. But if it seems like they’re everywhere or if the chats you’re in are exceptionally draining, explore other options!

The circles you run in are one of the most determining factors for how you’ll learn to navigate the memecoin world. Make sure to surround yourself with people who support you and will help you when needed. Someday you might return the favor!

Conquer challenges and make allies

Navigating the memecoin world comes with challenges. Many memecoins aren’t in the crypto mainstream so they’re hard to find, and most memecoins aren’t on centralized exchanges. And even then, if the memecoin isn’t whitelisted you’ll need the contract address to make any moves at all, which you’re only going to acquire by asking around or reading threads.

The first memecoin (actually a memetoken) I ever invested in was FROG Token on the Fantom chain. I bought in on launch day because the devs had been hyping it on Discord and Telegram. From the contact address to the proper dex, I had all the alpha I needed to make my first buy. I was fortunate that the devs and community helped me with anything I didn’t understand. The whole #FrogNation community is positive and supportive, so they’re a great resource for any noob who wants to explore the memecoin world as well as make some allies.

But you’re not going to acquire alpha or make allies if you don’t know the memecoin language.

When the memecoin tongue is learned, an abundance of alpha can be earned

There’s a lot of lingo and phrases you need to know in order to understand what everyone’s talking about in the chats. Most of this you’re going to naturally learn along the way (like everything else in cryptos), but it’s still useful to prepare yourself for the journey.

Here is a list of memecoin lingo that will help you navigate the chats, make allies, and acquire alpha:

Ape (verb) — To invest money into a particular coin all at once after doing very little or no research about the coin

Bullrun (noun) — period when prices are rising and there’s an overall positive sentiment about the market

Cex (noun) — Shorthand for “centralized exchange”

Contact address (noun) — The address location of the coin or token contract. It’s usually a set of numbers and letters that can be used to find the coin. Kind of like a social security number for a particular coin

DeFi (noun) — shorthand for “decentralized finance”

De gen (noun) — Someone who does high risk transactions; a term of comradery

Dev (noun) — Shorthand for “developer.” Devs are the original founders of a particular coin

Dex (noun) — Shorthand for “decentralized exchange”

Dump (verb) — “Dumping” occurs when someone has sold a substantial amount of a coin, usually enough to negatively move the price. i.e “Someone’s dumping on us right now.”

Fud (verb and noun) — To fud is to send negative, pessimistic comments about a project or to be a hater in general. i.e “This person is fudding on Twitter right now” or “This person is posting fud in the chat.”

Gains (noun) — Profits earned from crypto investments

Hodl (verb) — An online, community based way of saying “hold.” i.e “Hodl until it reaches $1!”

Memecoin (noun) — Sometimes referred to a shitcoin, memecoins are coins that offer no utility or advancement in tech. They’re often designed around a particular meme, game, show, etc from pop and internet culture

Memetoken (noun) — A token that offers no utility or advancement in tech. They’re often designed around a particular meme, game, show, etc from pop culture

Pump (verb) — “Pumping” occurs when someone has put a substantial amount of money into a coin, usually enough to positively move the price. i.e. “Someone pumped the chart last night and I made major gains.”

Shilling (verb) — To promote or advertise a coin. i.e “I’m gonna shill this on Twitter.”

Shitcoin (noun) — Sometimes referred to as memecoin, shitcoins are coins that offer no utility or advancement in tech

Token (noun) — Tokens represent something, usually assets; they aren’t digital versions of money (like coins). Tokens exist on the blockchains of other coins.

WAGMI — Online shorthand for the phrase “We’re all going to make it.” Used as a term of comradery

3, 3 — Online shorthand for the concept that everyone benefits when everyone works in the best interest of all, rather working for individual gains

Source: Frog Ecosystem

As you journey onward…

Even if you’ve been in the crypto mainstream for a while you’re not going to know everything about memecoins immediately. There’s constantly more to learn because the crypto universe is still developing. When you mess up, forgive yourself and learn from the experience. And appreciate your friends.

Because the best part of the journey is rarely the end result; it’s usually who you spend it with.



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