The only Wonderland Time tribute memetoken FROG Token expanded their ecosystem: $TAD on Fantom

Infinite Frog
Jan 18, 2022


For centuries the question has afflicted humankind. The question not even the greatest of thinkers have been able to answer. The question that may never be answered.

Which came first, the tadpole or the frog?

Source: FROG Token

Perhaps it was the tadpole.

After all, how can a frog be a frog without first being a legless blob? How can a crypto wizard be a wizard without first being a n00b?


Source: Frog Token Telegram

Perhaps it actually was the frog.

With the help of a wizard, the frog could have teleported into this universe, legs and all. The frog could have been the first.

Source: StarLord_FTM

Though it may not matter which came first as there’s another question to consider altogether.

One that’s different by only three words.

Source: Damnnn Daniel(e) by kadeemclarke.eth

Which came first to your portfolio, the $TAD or the $FROG?



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