Vibrant NFT collection Frogged Frogz is 64 bit magnificence

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3 min readFeb 11, 2022

Vibrant colors! Mesmerizing personality! Frogs, frogs, and more frogs!

That’s what it’s like to get lost in the magic of the handmade 64 bit Frogged Frogz NFT collection by StarLord, the official NFT artist for Frog Token on Fantom.


Frogged Frogz is exquisitely unique because it’s a 100% handmade collection. Not a single artwork was autogenerated, which means each NFT has a personalized touch most NFT collections lack. StarLord truly took the time to ensure each NFT has an energy of its own, one cultivated by human artistry rather than bots.


“Frogged Frogz are personalized Frog Token NFTs made with love by StarLord, the official artist of Frog Token. The 100 Frogged Frogz featured in this collection are made in reference to everyday life, religion & pop culture.” — StarLord

One of the best parts about the Frogged Frogz collection is its diversity. There are celebrity frogs (like Travis Scott and the Island Boyz), religious frogs (including Catholic nuns and priests), superhero frogs (Superman, Wonderwoman, Ironman, and more), and even two Daniele Cesta frogs!

The floor price for this collection is 50 Fantom and is available on PaintSwap until 2/19.

Frogged Frogz on PaintSwap

I enjoy many of StarLord’s frogs, but some that particularly stand out to me are Batman Frog,

Frogged Frog #92 aka Batman Frog

Catholic nun frog,

Frogged Frog #34 aka Catholic Nun Frog

and this Dani Cesta frog. They’re just cool!

Frogged Frog #100 aka Dani Cesta Frog

In a heartfelt message to Dani Cesta, StarLord shared that he was totally new to DeFi when he joined the Frog Token team and began Frogged Frogz. Inspired by Dani’s creations and leadership, StarLord started to learn more about Frog Nation and the ins and outs of the 3, 3 mentality.

“[Dani Cesta has] shown this entire community & me that we can more than plebes — we can be Frogs!” — StarLord

Along with showing gratitude for Frog Nation’s leader, StarLord has also gone out of his way to make custom NFTs for supportive frogs, such as FTM_MAXI.

He’s also done a bunch of giveaways to spread good vibes for all of Frog Nation. Giveaway winners have happily shared their new NFTs on Twitter.

I already have my very own Frogged Frogz NFT — a custom creation StarLord made for me. I love the adventurous and hopeful vibes of this frog.

an NFT owned by SoulfulCrypto

You have until 2/19/22 to frog out with one of StarLord’s dope NFTs. Grab one before this collection gets big!



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